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Our Services

Your 4th Place is Your Export Partner, not simply a mediator.

Our skills and experience in Export, Sales and Marketing fields derive from the previous professional life at Multinational companies.

We are already working with distribution channels in Europe, Asia, America and Middle East.

Services to the Greek Production Companies:

+ Strategic Export Planning

No one can predict reliably how market will progress in the near future; however, “Strategic Plan” and gradual improvement should be for any company the keystone in order to survive in the global turbulent business climate.

In Your4thPlace we will shape together a complete Export Development plan, targeting in specific markets, creating corporate presentation, logistics data, product codes, suitable price list based on market research, improving the marketing of the product where necessary. We always aim at making profitable sales internationally.

+ Export Sales Development

In Your 4th Place , our main intention is to quickly identify potential export opportunities, with the less possible financial risk for the operator, utilizing our existing database of foreign partners who will provide integrated distribution network and sales support, fully implementing the export development plan we have previously created.

Indicative support activities as follows:

- Communication in order to notify business interest for partnership

- Corporate and product presentation via email to foreign customers

- Samples and sales Leaflets - handling and transportation

- Follow-up on a frequent basis

- Effective negotiations to reach a cooperation agreement with the aim of making profitable sales

- Representation at international exhibitions and business gatherings

+ Marketing support

It is commonly known that the product plays a key role in a company’s export performance.

Your 4th Placesupports the broad range of marketing mix regarding the product (Branding), the pricing (price structure), the promotion (above and below the line campaigns) and the placement (market presence) in order to highlight the vital role of exports and its countless benefits for businesses.

In Your 4th Placewe believe that the product of a company should be appropriately designed in order to properly and effectively compete in International markets according to the size of the company, international business experience, foreign consumer habits, legal environment, cultural differences and finally the nature of the product, so that exports have the maximum performance that is measured by market share and the increase of sales.

Services to the Greek Production Companies:

+ Searching for the ideal brand / product per category of interest based on:

- Cooperation agreements between producer and representative for a long-term business relationship

- Ensuring product successful path in international markets with: 

    – High and stable quality products

    – Attractive packaging

    – Purchase price which ensures profit margin


Our 3 Most Important Positions

100% Authentic

Honesty, responsibility and integrity are our main characteristics; we operate with the highest degree of consistency in words and actions.

Personal Communication

We like team working, our customer demands are directly being served with every day follow up and personal communication.


We undertake actions with tangible results that meet our commitments towards our partners.

“Until you understand your customers deeply and genuinely, you cannot hope to serve them.”

Rasheed Ogunlaru

British Author, leading life coach, (Soul Trader: Putting the Heart Back into Your Business, 2012)